I teach Radiant Health and Life Force yoga. Both are approaches with an emphasis on enhancing holistic health and improving self-awareness and compassion. From time to time, I offer weekly group classes which are 75 minutes in length and incorporate yoga, mindfulness, and psychotherapy techniques.  I also bring yoga into individual therapy sessions, as appropriate to the therapeutic goals and to your interests.

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Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment includes testing, interviews, and reviewing additional sources of information, as appropriate, as a way to formulate specific recommendations related to work, school, health care or mental health treatment. I begin an assessment with an interview, which allows me to get to know you and to determine which procedures would be appropriate for addressing your needs. I will get your signed permission to obtain additional information that we agree might be helpful, such as medical or school records. After completing the initial interview, testing, and records review, as appropriate, I write a report which summarizes my findings and recommendations. I will then meet with you to discuss results and recommendations and answer your questions. With your signed permission, I will then send the report to requesting individuals and/or agencies and offer to answer any questions they might have. 

Individual Psychotherapy
Although I have extensive training in cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and body-centered approaches to therapy, I believe strongly that one approach truly does not fit all. During our first appointment, I will listen carefully to discover what would be the best fit for your personal needs, interests and goals. By the end of the first or second appointment, I will be able to offer you some first impressions of what our work will include if you decide to continue with therapy.

Regardless of the specific approach, psychotherapy always involves teamwork. I believe that as a therapist, my role is to educate and support you as you work toward the goals you set, and to be attentive to changing needs and priorities as they arise. Usually, at the end of each session, we will mutually decide what you would like to work on or attend to between appointments, and at the beginning of each session, we discuss how these activities worked for you. I frequently use handouts, readings, and/or a workbook to help you integrate the therapy sessions into your daily life.

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Career Counseling

It has been estimated that the average American changes careers every seven years. Career counseling can be helpful in discovering personal gifts and interests, considering practical aspects of particular career options, and specifying a career path that will be personally fulfilling, as well as managing the personal and family stress that tends to accompany this significant life change.

 The first appointment involves discussing your career and educational history and how your career fits within the context of the rest of your life, such as family, outside interests and life goals. You will then have the opportunity to complete questionnaires related to identifying your interests and values, as well as exercises designed to help you discover your gifts. After completing these, I will meet with you to discuss test and exercise results, as well as resources that may be helpful.

We will also review what your personal needs are related to achieving life balance as you begin this new chapter in your life, and I will offer support and assistance according to your needs.

Couple Counseling
When couples experience problems in their relationship, research demonstrates that the most frequent difficulty centers around communication. Accordingly, I focus upon helping you and your partner communicate effectively about the issues that are important to each of you, working toward compromise and development of a shared sense of values. We will work on reconnecting and building your friendship as a first step, then focusing on communication and problem solving around your areas of disagreement.

The first appointment involves discussing what you would like to work on in your relationship and the history of your relationship. After that, I meet with each of you separately to get to know you better individually and find out more about your personal goals, strengths and life challenges. During this time, you will have the opportunity to work on activities outside of therapy to build your connection with each other. Communication skills work usually begins in the next session.

Premarital Counseling
The emphasis in premarital counseling is on maintaining healthy communication and preventing problems that may occur in relationships. I believe this is such an important topic that I chose it as the subject of my master’s thesis. Consequently, my approach to premarital counseling is heavily dependent on what has been demonstrated to work in helping couples have more satisfying marriages. It is similar to couple counseling as described above, with an emphasis on building upon your strengths, identifying areas that are difficult to talk about, and practicing communication and problem solving skills.