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Today, I believe I have truly been blessed by my family, friends, and the many clients and yoga students I have come to know and care about.

I also thoroughly enjoy developing my skills through daily reading, workshops, consultation, and ongoing clinical and yoga practice.

Above my desk is a quote that states, “Happiness is not a destination, but a method of traveling”. I have noticed personally that the longer  I travel on life’s journey, the more I am able to enjoy the path and be open to where it takes me.

Education, Training and Life Experience

As a child growing up in Kent, Washington, I would probably be described as shy, nurturing, imaginative, and an avid learner. I started a nature club in my neighborhood and frequently brought home stray animals and cared for them. I was also passionate about writing, drawing and music. I could frequently be found either under a tree in my backyard, sketching or writing a short story or poem, or near the stereo, transcribing music and singing or playing it.

I can’t remember when I first became interested in psychotherapy, though I do remember talking my mother into subscribing to Psychology Today magazine when I was in the fourth grade, and checking out every book I could find on therapy in my local library when I was in high school. During my teen years, I began to realize more and more that the mind, body and spirit are all intimately connected. I discovered yoga and noticed that it not only helped me to develop confidence, but to be able to relax more deeply. (Little did I know at this point in my life that I would eventually earn my 200 hour certification to teach Radiant Health yoga!)

I attended the University of Washington and Virginia Commonwealth University, and earned my Ph.D. and M.S. in Clinical Psychology from Washington State University. Having spent so much time in the Pacific Northwest, I was eager to experience another culture and moved to Calgary, Alberta, where I trained as an intern at Foothills Hospital, Tom Baker Cancer Centre and Alberta Children’s Hospital.  After graduating, I taught college courses and worked in hospital, private practice and counseling center settings, focusing on helping individuals and families cope with life transitions; make lifestyle changes to improve life balance and wellness; communicate more effectively in their personal relationships; and adjust to disability and chronic illness.

I have personally faced times of great sorrow in my life, as well as indescribable joy. These times have served as powerful lessons in self-care and the importance of listening to and nurturing my emotional, physical and spiritual body. In order to effectively care for others with compassion and integrity and to fully express our gifts, we must treat ourselves with love and kindness as well.